A Picture That Sends the Message of Quality

Last year was my first year in college, and I wanted to make some money, so I started selling items online. I would buy items for cheap prices from other online stores at discount prices, or from local stores and garage sales. For items that were used, I could clean the items and list them as being used and the condition they were in at the time. Initially I shipped the items in standard boxes, which worked well enough, but I felt they didn't give my small business enough recognition, so I paid for graphic design in Bedfordshire so that a company would make a logo that would be placed on custom boxes that I would send to my customers.

To some, my choice may not seem like much. After all, most people just throw away the boxes that their items come in when they receive them. However, I feel that a logo on a box can really have a big impact on sales. The logo makes the box look more professional, rather than something that was simply made by a college student that was only trying to make a quick buck. It makes each box look as if there was time and effort put into packaging the item, and into making sure that the item gets delivered to the customer safely.

My sales were pretty nice before I started using the logos on the boxes, but after that, I noticed a steady climb in sales. I was also getting more unique customers outside of the ones that would usually order from me. I even had someone from as far as India order from me, which was a surprise. I might have to start hiring people to help me get the orders out if my customer base keeps growing at the current rate.