Shameless fraud NTRO, CBI employees stealing savings of paypal account holders are not aware of export benefits

It is well known worldwide that the government does not impose any type of tax on exports as they boost the economy of the country, unlike the government employees who are an expense to the economy. It is also a rule in India, that exporters can import items, services tax free, if they are exporting with value addition of 15% within a specified period as india tries to increase its very small share of the world trade.

yet in major google, tata masterminded SEX racket, identity theft, financial fraud , google, tata, ntro, cbi employees have been falsely accusing harmless indian paypal account holders with revenues almost exclusively from exports of tax evasion to defame, cheat, exploit and torture them, steal their resume, retirement savings, correspondence and memory without a court order or legally valid reason in a major online fraud which started in 2010. the fraud ntro employees freelancing for google, tata are shameless liars and frauds and want to steal 50% of the savings after hysterically making fake allegations of tax evasion on exports and imports

The NTRO, CBI employees who want to steal the hard earned money of the engineer, domain investor and google competitor do not have the courage to face the paypal account holder who they are falsely accusing, yet continue to repeat their lies like parrots, slandering, stalking, torturing the harmless paypal account holder as ordered by their bosses in google, tata who have bribed these fraud NTRO employees with sex, money, jobs for their relatives, friends

When will NTRO, CBI have the honesty to acknowledge the fact that indian exporters are eligible for tax free imports.