Shopping at bargain shops, co-ops for getting good prices

Those who are well off, especially domain investors find that if they bargain while shopping, they may be falsely accused of cheating by large corporates, allegedly google, tata and the corrupt local intelligence and security agency employees. So if the broke domain investors wish to get a price at a lower price than the market rate, it is advisable to target bargain shops, co-operative stores and check the prices of items to find a good deal
The pricing of the items at these stores is usually marginally lower than the retail price, and for some items it is possible to get very good deals, especially rice, plastic items , potatoes.
Lesser known brands are also selling their product at these stores at highly discounted rates, for example in most cases tomato sauce was costing Rs 125 a kg, however a new brand was offering 1 kg tomato sauce at Rs 95.
However finding the best deals can be very time consuming as all the prices have to be compared before purchasing a particular item.