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May 2018

Forever Grateful for My Dream Job

I was not too concerned about finding graduate jobs in Bristol that would be fitting for me. I guess I was kind of naive about it, meaning I was more focused on my studies than I was on where I would apply my skills once I had that diploma in my hand. About a month or so before graduation, I started applying at different places because I wanted to go right from being a student to being an employee with no break in between. I had quite a few get back to me, and I accepted the one that looked like the best fit.

It took me maybe a month of working there when I realized that the fit was not compatible at all. Continue reading 

Brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet wastes his money on escorts, falsely labels his frugal classmate a security threat to steal her hard earned savings, resume

In one of the greatest frauds of an indian government employee, Brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet wastes his money on escorts,leading a lavish lifestyle, falsely labels his frugal harmless female engineering classmate, who he hates , a security threat without any legally valid proof to steal her hard earned savings, resume, memory, correspondence with a court order or legally valid reason, falsely claiming to help her, stalk, sexually harass, cheat, exploit, mentally torture her

The indian government has allowed the brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet to stalk , sexually harass his harmless btech 1993 ee classmate wasting crores of indian tax payer money without asking him on what basis he is making his fake allegations. 8 years after the fake security threat fraud started in 2010, it appears that the allegations were made only after checking the savings of the engineer, who had not invested any money in gold, land and a family unlike most people of her age.

The woman engineer sexually harassed by brahmin frauds puneet, j srinivasan, is an experienced engineer, who worked in one of the largest engineering companies in the country, which was reputed for paying its employees very well. so the assets of the engineer are actually far less than that of her colleagues of the same age, experience, yet she is falsely labelled a security threat to steal her savings without a court order or legally valid reason

Why are the indian security and intelligence agency employees like nayak, mandrekar, caro, hathwar, kodancha, comparing the savings of the engineer with their lazy greedy inexperience sex worker, housewife relatives, leading a lavish lifestyle, why not compare the woman engineer with her ex colleagues in the engineering companies she worked in, when comparing assets >?

Google competitor overcharged for Bisleri Fonzo in panaji, goa

Bisleri Fonzo is advertised extensively on television and outdoor advertisers however the retailers selling the drink are not very honest.
It is promoted as the bubbly mango, containing real mango juice
The advertised price on a bottle of size 250 ml is Rs 18
However a retailer near the main Panaji head post office charged the google competitor Rs 20 on 7 May 2018 as part of the google, tata masterminded extortion racket, after putting her under surveillance
The google competitor made the mistake of not checking the price of the Bisleri Fonzo in panaji before making payment as the amount is written in very small print near the bottom.
The cash extorted is then given to the google,tata sponsored goan sex worker, fraud raw/cbi employees sunaina, riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar who are impersonating the google competitor to get a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the google competitor
This cash extorted is then used to place cash on delivery orders at Myntra, Amazon and other shopping websites, purchasing fashionable clothes.