Cheating while trying to purchase calendar in panaji market

미스김 출장안마 후불제운영 서울 경기 출장서비스

The domain investor was interested in purchasing a paper calendar of 2019 for a senior citizen.
After she spent some time, she found a calendar seller, he had lots of calendars.
The MRP of the calendar was clearly specified as Rs 35.
However, in a clear indication of how memory reading is used for cheating, the seller was insisting that pay Rs 40
MRP stands for maximum retail price, there is no reason why the domain investor should pay more than retail price, so she refused to purchase the calendar.
Then she went to another place, there also there was no english or marathi calendar, only a kannada calendar.
This clearly indicates the high levels of hatred which the domain investor is evoking that she is asked to pay more than MRP.

Some shopkeepers are dishonest, they have no qualms charging more than MRP, so buyers should be careful and check MRP before making payment, to avoid wasting money.