Voice to skull technology used to discourage savings

The indian media does not have the honesty and courage to discuss the extensive use of voice to skull technology by indian intelligence and security agencies to mentally harass, misguide and cause losses to harmless indian citizens who they have targetted. The targetted individual is usually isolated and completely denied information to make it easier for the officials to manipulate him or her using voice to skull technology.
Then the voice which they hear , will pretend to “help” the person who is denied information, and the help is usually completely incorrect information which can cause great losses.
For example since 2010, when voice to skull technology was used on her, the domain investor has been discouraged from saving, as the ntro, security agency employee has been threatening her dire consequences if she will save money, and make a lot of money
It takes a lot of time, usually years for a person targetted to figure out that the voices are those of a person who wishes to destroy their life.