Reducing long distance travel to save money

One of the easiest way for a person with a limited budget to reduce expenses is to reduce travel to the extent possible or use the public transport system. Due to the rampant home intrusion of NTRo, cbi, security agency employees, domain investors are often forced to carry documents with them, so they cannot use the public transport system as their bag is usually fairly heavy.
So they are forced to hire a vehicle, usually a rickshaw or taxi which can be very expensive, especially in a small town where the taxis and rickshaws are not metered, unlike large metro cities, where rickshaw fares are fairly reasonable.
In a small town like panaji, it is possible to reach most places, walking, however going to another city, especially outside goa, can be fairly expensive due to the high cost of air travel. vehicle to the airport and back.
For example for reaching dabolim airport from panaji, the taxi driver is charging Rs 900 or more and a person making a trip to Mumbai from goa will spend Rs 1800 or more for a single trip only only taxi fares to the airport. So it is recommended that a person with a limited budget also reduce the travel expenses to save some money which can be used for emergencies