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Shameless fraud NTRO, CBI employees stealing savings of paypal account holders are not aware of export benefits

It is well known worldwide that the government does not impose any type of tax on exports as they boost the economy of the country, unlike the government employees who are an expense to the economy. It is also a rule in India, that exporters can import items, services tax free, if they are exporting with value addition of 15% within a specified period as india tries to increase its very small share of the world trade.

yet in major google, tata masterminded SEX racket, identity theft, financial fraud , google, tata, ntro, cbi employees have been falsely accusing harmless indian paypal account holders with revenues almost exclusively from exports of tax evasion to defame, cheat, exploit and torture them, steal their resume, retirement savings, correspondence and memory without a court order or legally valid reason in a major online fraud which started in 2010. the fraud ntro employees freelancing for google, tata are shameless liars and frauds and want to steal 50% of the savings after hysterically making fake allegations of tax evasion on exports and imports

The NTRO, CBI employees who want to steal the hard earned money of the engineer, domain investor and google competitor do not have the courage to face the paypal account holder who they are falsely accusing, yet continue to repeat their lies like parrots, slandering, stalking, torturing the harmless paypal account holder as ordered by their bosses in google, tata who have bribed these fraud NTRO employees with sex, money, jobs for their relatives, friends

When will NTRO, CBI have the honesty to acknowledge the fact that indian exporters are eligible for tax free imports.

After stealing savings, NTRO, government employees continue their atrocities, making it difficult to make and save money

The government employees are getting a salary and pension, yet it is a clear indication of their cruel animal like criminal nature that they are intentionally increasing the microwave radiation power levels to cause great pain to a harmless citizen in panaji, goa because she is a domain investor and has a paypal account. This exposes the hypocrisy of the digital india, cashless economy claims, who is interested in working on a computer if cruel sex animal government employees in panaji, goa are allowed to daily torture the computer user, causing very great pain, when no action is taken against the sex animal government employees of panaji, goa under section 323 of the indian penal code for torturing, causing great pain to a harmless person who has not interfered in their life or harmed anyone.

Another great fraud of google, tata, ntro, cbi is that they are stealing all the financial data stored in digital format on computers falsely claiming national security, black money when actually they are using it to promote their lazy greedy mediocre fraud inexperienced relatives, friends and sex partners.

For example tata, google, ntro employees j srinivasan, vijay , puneet have stolen the financial data of their classmate which was stored on the laptop, computer and are falsely claiming that the stolen financial records are those of their mediocre lazy greedy inexperienced girlfriends like slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, goan gsb fraud cbi employee housewife extortionist riddhi nayak, to get their girlfriends, relatives, sex partners, great powers in the indian financial sector.

Voice to skull technology used to discourage savings

The indian media does not have the honesty and courage to discuss the extensive use of voice to skull technology by indian intelligence and security agencies to mentally harass, misguide and cause losses to harmless indian citizens who they have targetted. The targetted individual is usually isolated and completely denied information to make it easier for the officials to manipulate him or her using voice to skull technology.
Then the voice which they hear , will pretend to “help” the person who is denied information, and the help is usually completely incorrect information which can cause great losses.
For example since 2010, when voice to skull technology was used on her, the domain investor has been discouraged from saving, as the ntro, security agency employee has been threatening her dire consequences if she will save money, and make a lot of money
It takes a lot of time, usually years for a person targetted to figure out that the voices are those of a person who wishes to destroy their life.

Reducing long distance travel to save money

One of the easiest way for a person with a limited budget to reduce expenses is to reduce travel to the extent possible or use the public transport system. Due to the rampant home intrusion of NTRo, cbi, security agency employees, domain investors are often forced to carry documents with them, so they cannot use the public transport system as their bag is usually fairly heavy.
So they are forced to hire a vehicle, usually a rickshaw or taxi which can be very expensive, especially in a small town where the taxis and rickshaws are not metered, unlike large metro cities, where rickshaw fares are fairly reasonable.
In a small town like panaji, it is possible to reach most places, walking, however going to another city, especially outside goa, can be fairly expensive due to the high cost of air travel. vehicle to the airport and back.
For example for reaching dabolim airport from panaji, the taxi driver is charging Rs 900 or more and a person making a trip to Mumbai from goa will spend Rs 1800 or more for a single trip only only taxi fares to the airport. So it is recommended that a person with a limited budget also reduce the travel expenses to save some money which can be used for emergencies

Endless fraud forces domain investor to move domains away to save time and money

Though the shameless lazy greedy shivalli brahmin R&AW employee cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, provided some duplicate content only in 2011-2012, her powerful relatives and friends like hathwar, kodancha, puneet falsely claimed that the mediocre nayanshree was providing content to her fraud victim the domain investor since 2005 to justify the R&AW job and monthly salary nayanshree is getting.

Just because the domain investor was spending some money on domain names, puneet and other ntro employees shamelessly misused her name, made completely fake claims about her business, and who was contributing. Now after getting nayanshree and his other girlfriends lucrative R&AW/cbi jobs, the cunning fraud puneet, vijay, j srinivasan, parmar and other ntro employees are refusing to reply to the domain investor whose resume they have stolen since 2010, yet are stealing her correspondence, memory regularly.

The indian government is also refusing to investigate the fraud of puneet and others in making fake claims so the domain investor is moving the domain names away, only hoping to end the misuse of her name, as she is getting very frustrated as most people are believing the fraud of ntro, cbi, google, tata employees who are allowed to waste infinite indian tax payer money to cover up their identity theft fraud.

After looting the domain investor, nayanshree hathwar refused to reply, was rewarded with a R&AW job and though she is not doing any work at all, she is getting a monthly R&AW salary for falsely claiming to provide content for the websites of the domain investor she cheated. Instead of wasting time and money protesting against the misuse of her name, it is better to move the domain names away.

Stealing savings to blackmail for identity, resume theft

Another major problem which the indian media is not willing to highlight, is that the indian financial, banking system is controlled mainly by brahmins and banias and they are extremely ruthless and unethical in maintaining their monopoly on wealth in India. So if any person who like the obc bhandari domain investor, google competitor and single woman engineer will save some money for her old age, they will viciously defame her without any proof, to cheat, exploit and torture her for the rest of her life, stealing her retirement savings, resume, correspondence without any legally valid proof, blocking her payment, closing her account, stealing her leads, orders and making it impossible for her to make any money in India.

The powerful brahmin, bania officials wanted to force the domain investor to agree to identity theft, give up her impressive resume and investment to their mediocre lazy greedy fraud inexperienced relatives, associates like the blackmailer mba hr ruchika,deepika, goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak,diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, or their obc bhandari puppets goan sex worker sunaina chodan, indore housewife veena, brahmin cheater nayanshree, gujju housewife naina, domain fraudster asmita patel and others. So a huge amount of indian tax payer money has been wasted since 2010 to force the domain investor to agree to identity theft, give the relatives, friends and associates of CBI, NTRO employees a stake in her business for free.

The google, tata employees who masterminded the identity theft fraud are also closely monitoring the business, to find out if it is making any profit, so that they can force the business owner to sell it to them or their associates at a low price if it is profitable, so that they get a good source of passive income without any effort. Realizing that there are limited income options in India available due to the atrocities identity theft of indian intelligence, security agencies, CBI, the domain investor has decided to regulate her online income so that she does not save any money and cannot be considered as a takeover target

Despite filing police complaint, indian government refuses to acknowledge theft of savings of single woman obc bhandari engineer

In a clear indication of the endless atrocities on obc bhandari engineers in India , despite filing a police complaint that her savings of twenty years are stolen, the indian government refuses to acknowledge the fact that the savings belong to a single woman obc bhandari engineer, domain investor and google competitor alone, and falsely claims that the stolen money belongs to the google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, cheater housewife like indore fraud veena,and other fraud R&AW/CBI employees who never answered JEE, and are faking a btech 1993 ee degree
The obc bhandari engineer had to make great sacrifices for more than twenty years to earn the money, answering JEE, getting a btech 1993 ee degree, living far away from home in a new city, working in a job, yet in 2017, the indian government refuses to acknowledge the fact that the woman alone, worked very hard to save some money for her old age
A huge amount of indian tax payer money is being wasted by the indian government, cbi,ntro, raw, security agencies to spead false rumors about the ownership of the stolen money of the obc bhandari single woman engineers, with top indian government employees shamelessly taking sex and money bribes to abuse their powers and dupe a large number of people, companies and countries since 2010 and waste tax payer money paying a salary to the 10 google, tata sponsored frauds impersonating the obc bhandari engineer.

Government employees refusing to admit to the theft of savings,

The indian government employees stealing the savings are very cunning, they make it appear that the theft was the fault of the investor when the security agencies have systematically stolen the savings of the domain investor, after putting her under surveillance for a few years, to get all the information about her.

One of the favorite avoidance strategies of the government employees is to tell the victim, that the saving documents have been misplaced, to search for the documents carefully at home, they may find it. In reality the security and intelligence agency, cbi employees have master keys which allow them to enter any house in India without being detected to steal whatever they wish .

Home intrusion is a harassment method which indian intelligence, cbi employees have learned from the KGB in the former USSR, so they enter the house when the investor is away with the duplicate keys and steal the documents,any other item that they wish to.

Savings of single women engineers stolen for identity theft

If single women engineers, domain investors were aware of the fact that their retirement savings of twenty years would be stolen by cbi, security agency employees without a court order or legally valid reason, they would not make the extra effort to lead a frugal life and save a lot of money.

They would also not work hard to get an engineering degree from a top college, getting a good JEE rank, living in a metro city , far away from their families, often without accommodation, trying to save some money for their old age, if they were aware of the fact that indian government employees are allowed to steal their savings without a court order or legally valid reason, to blackmail them to agree to identity theft.

So it is important that others are aware of the fact that the indian government, CBI, security agency employees are stealing the savings of single women obc bhandari engineers without a court order or legally valid reason.

Post office savings like NSC, KVP usually stolen by CBI, security agencies

It appears that the savings of a large number of indian citizens are stolen, and post office savings like NSC and KVP are specially targetted for theft by indian government employees as getting a duplicate copy of the NSC and KVP is a very laborious process.

Usually the savings of vulnerable citizens, those who are not well connected will be stolen, as all complaints of these citizens will be ignored. At a post office, a person whose NSC were stolen, was saying that he was aware of a large number of people whose NSC, KVP certificate is stolen.

Doing a search on any search engine for NSC, KVP stolen will also provide news of the many indian citizens whose savings have been stolen without a court order or legally valid reason