Looking Forward to Moving into Our New Futura Condo in Singapore

When we were moving we wanted to get into a place that had new construction. That was a few years ago, and we found a nice condo. Now we would like to relocate to a different district in Singapore, so we have been looking at new condominium projects in Singapore. One that caught our eye is the New Futura Condo construction. This type of real estate is an investment like any other. We can make money on our old place to help defray the costs of our new place. We are excited to be making the move as soon as the building we chose to have our condo is in is finished.

You know that the buildings are going to have extraordinary amenities. The infinity lap pool is going to be huge. Then there are communal facilities located within the buildings themselves. One floor has a nice narrow pool with a view over the edge of the tower. We chose a condo in the North Tower of the New Futura Condo. The aesthetic look of the tower construction is interesting. The artist renditions caught my eye. It looks like these are not going to be your run of the mill condos. The tower construction looks like a work of art.

It will be just off from Leonie Hill Road with both a North and South Tower. Level 30 of the North Tower will have a pool. There are fitness levels and so much more. They even provide foot reflexology. Residents are surely going to be pampered living here. We have been looking for a place just like this for a long time. We are ready to move as soon as occupancy begins. This place has so much more than what our present condo has to offer us. Looking forward to the move.