I Am Playing Around with Roblox

I have been doing a lot of playing around with code lately, trying to get better at it while I am still young. We have a computer coding class at my high school, but it is hard to get in it as a freshman and I hope to find a spot next year, obviously this is the way to earn real money in this current world. Right now I am messing around with this thing that a friend of mine is obsessed with. He is hooked on Roblox and he wants to figure out the free robux hack that he found on the web. I thought that it was a really silly idea until I realized that there must be people who do all sorts of things for this stuff. I do not play this game and I did not have any real idea what the robux are until I looked around on the web page. It is not so difficult to figure out when you look at the name.

At any rate there are all sorts of things that you can spend these things on and you can buy them on the web page. There all sorts of packages, but they run around 80 robux for a dollar until you start to get way up there and then you can save a little money. It seemed pretty ridiculous to me and I wondered if you can earn the things in the game itself, but I did not know anything until I looked it up on the web page. I still do not understand exactly how it works, but it is obvious that the things have more value to other people than they have to me. Of course this pages says that the hacking claim is just a big scam.