Government refuses to questions its fraud employees falsely claiming to own the savings of hardworking single woman engineer they HATE, have never contacted

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The brahmin director puneet's great fraud on his female btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay since 2010 which the government supports. He openly declares
"I hate you, I have never contacted you, I have never helped you, yet I will falsely claim that your bank account, savings, domains, everything belongs to me, and my girlfriends who also hate you, criminally defame you. If you protest it against my lies, is a national security issue or you are mentally unsound"
he also encouraged his other fraud classmates like j srinivasan, tushar parekh, vijay to commit the same fraud on his female clasmate who they HATE to steal everything from her and get government jobs for all their lazy greedy girlfriends like robber riddhi nayak caro who never answered JEE

additionally the mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan are allegedly openly involved in cybercrime and human rights abuses on their female btech 1993 ee classmate , wasting taxpayer money to steal all her data for 11 years since 2010, without a court order, legally valid reason and then falsely claiming that the information belongs to their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends, who do no computer work, do not invest money in domains, have no online income at all
Showing how top government employees are most shameless brazen biggest CYBERCRIMINALS mhow monster ntro employee puneet has the audacity to falsely claim that his lazy greedy fraud call girl, school dropout, cheater, robber girlfriends with ROBBED MEMORY no online income, no engineering qualifications are exact replicas of his female btech 1993 ee classmate who he HATES, DUPING countries, companies and people since 2010

No one has the honesty and humanity to ask the mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan why his lazy greedy fraud girlfriends have no skills to make money online, why they do not open their own paypal bank account legally, why he abuses his powers to dupe the government and others with fake stories, though he has got them government salaries for more than 10 years faking resume, bank account, savings, falsely claiming that they are online experts.