Teaching an Old Dog to Make New Bets

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My grandfather is really into National Hunt racing and got me into it. He's been making bets on races for years, but he loses more often than he wins. I never understood why he kept betting when most of the time he just lost money. That was until I won my first bet, and I felt the rush of winning. That feeling really can't be topped, and when you feel the despair of losing a bet, it really stings. I was getting to be like my grandfather because I was losing more than I was winning. Unlike my grandfather, I wanted to change my chances of winning.

The best way I could think of to become better at betting on horse races was to seek out advice from people who do more winning than losing. The Internet helped out greatly with this, because I was able to find out what people were using to form their betting strategies.

All of their strategies seemed to lead back to one website that did an in depth analysis on races. From this, I was able to make a strategy for myself that stacked the odds more in my favor by paying more attention to the stats of the horse races.


My new strategy paid off, and my grandfather wondered how I was able to correctly predict which horses would win. I told him that I had a special strategy and tried to explain it to him, but he didn't get it. So, I just told him to let me make all of his bets for him from now on, and he agreed. It's been a long time since I've lost a bet. Not only have I gotten smarter about which horses to bet on, but I've also gotten smarter about how much to bet.

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