The Errors of Youth Caught on Film

I'm so glad that my wife talked me into getting one of those CCTV kits for the store that we own. Using the kit, we were able to find out who had been behind a string of vandalism acts that had been happening in the area. Some teens had been spray painting on the local shops and knocking over garbage cans. They came to my store and did it, but they didn't realize that my CCTV had been watching them the whole time. The police were able to use the recorded video from the CCTV to identify the teens and notified their parents.

When the teens' parents found out what they had been doing, they were furious and punished them by making them clean every shop that they had vandalised from top to bottom. I did some things as a teenager that I'm not proud of, but I never resorted to something like vandalism.

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If these teens hadn't been caught, they could have been on a slippery slope to something more sinister, like theft, or worse. I guess kids and teens these days just aren't the same as we were back in the old days.


The other store owners all sent my wife and me thank you baskets to show their appreciation for helping to catch the teens behind the vandalism acts. They included lots of nice fruits, cheeses, jams, and sausages. Before that, the last time I had a gift basket with such delicious foods was when I got married to my wife. Part of me wants to catch another person doing something wrong so the store owners can give me some more gift baskets. My wife on the other hand hopes for the opposite, so I won't get too fat from eating all of the foods from the gift baskets.